Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.

Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.
Strength & Honor

Monday, April 8, 2013

Battling same sex attraction

Fist of all let me share with you the fact and truth that you're not alone in this struggle. Even when your desires and or actions can be secret to many, they're never hidden from the Lord. Let me continue by assuring you with the bible truth that Jesus Christ loves you fully and unconditionally. Your sin is no worse nor different than mine or those of others. Though you might not see how right now but the truth is you have a great blessing in being different. What I mean is you can see God at a perspective that many will never understand. Having said that we must understand that love does not justify sin under any circumstance. Just as any other sinful inclination , desire or passion we must submit it under Gods laws.  My desire should never over power that of Gods commandments. Unfortunately we are sinners and sold to sin. It will be a battle thru our lives and thru the years here in earth, but if God is your anchor, your rock and your foundation, if you have given Him your heart, he will equip you and strengthen you. Don't beat yourself up, don't let anyone's judgement affect you. Know in Jesus there is no condemnation  but forgiveness not so we will dwell on sin, but rather so we may humbly acknowledge Him as holy, pure and sinless. So we may humbly seek Him and humble ourselves before Him. Stop fighting, stop hating yourself. You're of much value to God. In Jesus you can find victory, purity and forgiveness . The pleasure this world offers, the emotions that you can fulfill will never compare with the true joy and peace that come when you give your burdens to Jesus, when you deny yourself and begin to follow Him. Many are the afflictions but God will be with you thru every single one. I encourage you to seek God in prayer and in His word. Look for a friend who can mentor you. Know that there's always a new beginning for those who have faith. Giving in to our sins will always bring misery, destruction and pain. Jesus loves you!! No matter what!! He loved me, a sinner saved by grace. He can give you a different life today!

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