Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.

Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.
Strength & Honor

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Were it not for grace

Were It Not For Grace - Larnelle Harris

Time measured out my days
Life carried me along
In my soul I yearned to follow God
But knew I’d never be so strong
I looked hard at this world
To learn how heaven could be gained
Just to end where I began
Where human effort is all in vain
Were it not for grace
I can tell you where I’d be
Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
With my salvation up to me
I know how that would go
The battles I would face
Forever running but losing this race
Were it not for grace
So here is all my praise
Expressed with all my heart
Offered to the Friend who took my place
And ran a course I could not start
And when He saw in full
Just how much His would cost
He still went the final mile between me and heaven
So I would not be lost
Repeat Chorus
Forever running but losing this race
Were it not for grace

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

After sin comes shame

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate. Then the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loincloths. And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” And he said, “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.”
It happened since the very beginning. Sin was introduced to the world and has been our nature til this very day. As women of God, as gentle, sweet and innocent as we might seem in the end we are  all just sinners saved by grace.
Let me ask you a question, "When was the last time you sinned and felt shame?
If we know we are sinners and the bible tells us that we are sold to sin, that there's none righteous not one! Then we surely would agree that sin occurs in our life even as believers .
So the question is not if we have sinned but rather if we have felt ashamed of our sin. So have 
Did you know shame is a good thing? Yes the bible tells us about women who where godless, harlots, and shameless. In proverbs chapter seven we read about the temptress and again she is described as shameless . We read about the rebellion of Israel against God and they too where described as a shameless adulteress . 
A lack of shame is a display of a lack of care towards whatever God has to say. As women of God we must ask ourselves if when we fall into sin , we become convicted and ashamed. Do 
we? When we gossip? When we envy? When we lie? When we act or think on impure things? 
Is there a shame? Or are we so habituated to sin in our lives where we walk in shamelessness 

My sisters sin will come, we are not perfect and we will fall but let us be ashamed of it and let us have a repented spirit. Let the shame lead to a genuine repentance and confession. May our falls lead to a real conviction and not to a careless indifference and conformity .
When true repentance manifests in the heart of a woman who seeks to be holy, then God can begin a restoration and his grace will always be sufficient no matter your sin.  Yes we can live in peace with God even with a sin nature but let us not ever use it as an excuse to deliberately dwell in sin.
For now my sisters we stand in hope knowing of God and knowing Him personally . Knowing 
He is holy. Be ye therefore holy as He is holy but if one has sinned we have a more abounding 
grace. May you be encouraged knowing Jesus offers forgiveness and his blood cleanses our hearts.

Friday, November 22, 2013

You can let go now daddy

It's 2:20 am on an early Friday morning. I'm sitting quietly in the fluffy mat of my bathroom floor. As much as I enjoy writing  I've never had the urge in the middle of my sleep and least of all during a dream. I can't explain the why I'm here then, simply writing. It could be because I'm thinking about him. His laughter is is echoing in my heart. His eyes are in my thoughts. The desire to hold him very closely has awaken me this early and left me wanting more. This man I write about has always been very strong. As I grew up in my eyes he could conquer and carry anything . His arms always brought security and comfort to me.  I can still hear his voice, though I haven't heard it in a while I could recognize it anywhere. Its the voice of my father, my daddy, my friend. I cherish beautiful memories with you.  Come to think of it I have so much of you in me ; the love for writing, nature, animals and an optimistic view of life.  So many beautiful memories of you and today the Lord  has granted me one more, a beautiful one indeed. I had the most beautiful dream I could ever ask for. My sister and I sat at a beautiful gathering , outdoors . There was a long table covered with fine food and drinks. There was many people around us all dressed in very fancy clothes. As my sister and I enjoyed the beautiful moonlight view and the garden setting my daddy walked up to our table. Happily and excited to see him we both stood up and greeted him with a hug. He responded the same with a smile on his face. But thru that smile I could feel something was wrong, he took us aside and asked if he could talk to us . We walked slowly with him thru the paths of flowers and shiny lights. He couldn't breath very well and he finally sat by a big stone and leaned against it. He was sweating a lot and his voice was low. He began by sayin, do you girls remember when you where little and you would sit in my lap, one on each side? Yeah we both answered. Can you girls sit here again? So we did, his hands on our hair and soft strokes back and forth. He continued saying, do you remember when you girls would play dolls?What I would give to buy you some beautiful dolls again and to watch the two of you playing with them again he softly laughed we all laughed for a moment.  He went on to say, remember when we all went out and we didn't know where exactly we where going ?We simply knew we where going somewhere but that's exactly what made it exciting.  He paused for a moment and stood quiet. He then said: I won't be here too long, I must go for now but I want you to know that we will go out on adventures again. I'll get you whatever toy you girls want, I'll watch you play dolls and ill let you sit on my lap. Please take care of your mother, tell her I love her. I will miss you girls and tell your brothers to behave and not get your mother upset. He began to breath very heavily and tears running down his cheeks kinda like mine right now. As he stood quiet my sister began to tell him how much she would miss him too. I then told him: Don't  worry daddy we are gonna go together to buy some dolls, this time I want you to choose one for me. We'll play by your side and we'll sit in your lap. I embraced him tightly and as I faced the moon I prayed within my heart, my God give me strength for we need your grace. I looked at my daddy again his eyes closing and he still said ill see you girls soon then. Yes daddy we replied. I'll see you soon we will be together again. He said I love you my two little girls. His heavy breathing stopped, and his eyes shut. I turned to my sister and said: his time has come. He came to say goodbye. I woke up in tears and in much joy, I'm gonna see my daddy again! I wanna embrace him and I know that I will.

She is not my enemy

Hello Ladies
It's sure a beautiful Friday morning, it's windy and cloudy. The kind of weather I love whenever I'm writing. However I know many times days like this may seem too grey to enjoy but we must learn to look at the beauty of all things God puts in our paths. I wanted to talk about a subject this morning that occurs very often in women and ladies everywhere . When even being christian doesn't mean this wont happen to you. That unpleasant feeling when she walks into the room . When you hear her name or she simply just gets in your way. I'm talking about the lady in church or at work or maybe at school. The one you simply don't like. If you're like me you might have even thought of reasons why you don't get along and why it's okay to avoid her. The reality however is much deeper than that. Like any delicious fruit must come from a tree, must have a root somewhere. The same is our feeling of rejection towards specific groups, individuals or sisters in Christ. We must examine our hearts, often we will find that when we dislike someone the root of the problem is not her, but our evil heart. The bible tells us that out of the heart comes all evil things. Could it be that we are fooling ourselves into believing that she's gotta change and not me? The heart of a godly woman must identify the enemy and then take it captive under the obedience and rule of Jesus. So we realize that we have an enemy, an evil heart who takes our most godly intentions and turns them into pride, who finds the faults and imperfections in others but never seems to mind it's own. How is it then that when it comes to loving others we trust it so much? We must love even when our heart doesn't feel like it. Many women find themselves struggling to accept someone else simply because their heart is blinded with sins such as jealousy, envy, bitterness, insecurity and guilt. We must return and repent. Lets begin to identify our enemy and fight the battle in much prayer. Pray not that God changes her, but that he may change me. We must love our sisters, we must pray for them and serve them humbly. Remember Jesus died for her just as He did for you. He loves her, He has plans for her life. Could it be that maybe God wants to use you to bless her life? Remember the story of Jonah when God asked him to go preach to the people he considered his enemies. Jonah disobeyed God and ran from His presence yet God gave him a second chance and showed mercy to him. Can we receive the same mercy and accept the second chance God is giving to us today? We might be the instrument God wants to use to win the souls of those very people we dislike. My sister let us seek The Lord that He might change us within so we can reflect His love and compassion to others.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This simple update to my readers, letting you know I will resume posting as often as I can. The Lord has been working mighty things in my life and I can't wait to share much of it with you ladies. For now all I can say is I'm thankful for the God I serve and His power to restore broken hearts.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abortion song

A song of Death
Sing rivers of blood and cold instruments of hate. Play your favorite song and sing it with the voice of your adversary. The voice of your first love and the voice of your murderer. Play the instruments with what's left of your little fingers and bloody hands. Sing the pain you've experienced in silence and in darkness . Sing and cry out , rise up and sing to the world . But how will you sing ? How will you open your trembling mouth? How could you begin to tell your story in the tomb , in shattered pieces and ashes? What a sorrow and oh! the horror of it all. By the thousands you're gone. In the darkest of places, in secret your short life has ended. Your song erased and your cry forgotten. If you could speak , would we stop to listen? Little voices of unseen souls. My beloved little ones. Despised of this world and hated by your own. Unborn child, who is no more, arise and sing all as one. Sing your last song all you who no longer exist. Forgotten and afflicted ones, little people and memories left behind. Tell this world of all your pain, your dreams of love and desires for an embrace. They will never come to be, they will never be a chance and never a choice. Sing little ones, broken in pieces, bloody and burned, arise as you are, let the world see the horror of it all. Sing the song of death, sing it all out loud, thru the world and thru the air send whispers of your pain. Hide no more in secret, display our shame for once. In your scars and pieces is found truth. I sat in the ground, I fell to my knees oh! My  Lord and my God! What have we done? We've murdered by the millions and sacrificed our own . Our sons! Our daughters! My God ! Please hear our voice and awaken us before the horrors find us.  The day is dark and the light no more. We stumble in the bones and flesh of those who died, we bath in blood and eat with guilty hands. We have bore the death of many. Oh! Nations awake! The graveyards are full and the crimes too many. Voice sing once more for your creator He will embrace you ever so gently, he will dry your tears and mend your little bodies. There's a new song of hope for you. The Father is awaiting , he has prepared a home for you. There will no fire burn or instrument destroy. No one can take away what now is yours. The promise is for you, Gods love will comfort you.  Sing a song of death not for yourselves but those who live, for though we breath we are more dead than you. We feel nothing and see no pain. We are buried in our sins and lost in our shame. Sing and mourn for those of us who live may we repent before death finds us too. 

Friday, April 26, 2013


Although people tend to think of depression as a mental, emotional, or spiritual issue, it is also a physical issue. It may not have a physical cause but it does affect the body. Many people who are depressed report physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches , and bowel irritations. The body also typically feels sluggish, lethargic and achy. An effective tool to help the body as well as provide mental and emotional recharge is physical exercise. Clearly physical workouts affect us emotionally. God designed us as whole beings. When your mind and heart are aching your body is affected as well. It is common for a depressed individual to feel an abundance of guilt and or shame. Guilt can be a helpful alarm system that signals when we have sinned against God and others. However if the guilt is true and appropriate, then it can be dealt with in a healthy way by confession and repentance and then moving on. Depressed individuals tend to hang on to guilt and more often than not make it about themselves rather than their behaviors, resulting in shame. If the guilt is false guilt as is often the case in depression, or if shame exists, then the individual needs to understand the grace and mercy of God. Depression triggers are different for everyone. Some of these include: work stress , burnout, family/relational conflict, poor eating/ binging habits, sleeping habits, alcohol and drug abuse, chronic medical conditions, post partum, feeling overwhelmed, and unresolved grief. Those who are depressed become overwhelmed easily and may need assistance with setting reasonable and realistic goals. Identifying time wasters and making lists to prioritize can greatly assist in small yet forward moving steps. Finally a depressed individual will find amazing relief in Gods word and prayer time. It is a relationship with the source of all peace, joy and faith that can bring the best out of us. Bring comfort to the hurting, forgiveness to the guilty and love to the forgotten. In Jesus anybody can find the cure for life's toughest problems. We must not walk away in difficult times, rather we must seek Him ever more with a desperate cry and He will heal us and comfort our souls.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thou shalt not commit Adultery

Friend, can we do a heart check here? Are you dabbling in an emotional or physical affair with another man? Do you find yourself in a pit of sinful attraction? There's nothing worse than being blind to sin. Emotions and attachment have been paving the way for your destruction and you don't even know it. Maybe you're in denial, or you try to minimize it to a simple friendship . The reality is when it comes to consequences, pain, misery and guilt there will be no minimizing, no turning back. Look to Gods word for warning signs. The Lord does say to you : My daughter give me your heart! Let me ask you this, is your heart entirely Gods? Or are you giving it away to another person? To an addictive relationship? If you're ready to be honest about your sinful attraction here's some signs that might describe you.
You find yourself thinking of this person often, looking for ways to somehow run into him, or openly seeking moments to meet for lunch, making up excuses to text with him, or even dressing up every time his gonna be around. You're feeding the monster that will destroy your honor, your purity and maybe even your marriage.
If you look forward to his emails, talk on the phone or send IM's to each other, if you hide this friendship from your husband ... RUN. Delete all accounts, change numbers/email addresses, and repent. Get accountability from a friend. Confess to someone as soon as you can. Repent before The Lord, and look for God in prayer and scripture . Memorize bible verses that deal with adultery, self control, and purity. Avoid triggers such as keeping gifts, pictures, or cards. Avoid places, songs and contact in all ways possible. This will be much easier if you replace the old relationship with a good strong relationship with The Lord. Begin with prayer every morning, confess and ask for victory. Read your bible when you're feeling tempted to return. Cry out to The Lord. Get involved in women's ministries . Healing will take time but it is very possible with Gods help. Stay connected with your husband and begin to invest time and effort in your marriage. 
We're not saying men don't do this either, but today we're looking at our own actions and going to take the necessary steps to be in line with God's Word and live in His glorious freedom. Deal?
"For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good." ~Titus 2:11-14

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A calling for change

I'm not about to write a post asking the readers to give it a like if you love Jesus, I'm not gonna put a beautiful quote that reminds you how good you are and how good you can become, I'm not gonna say everything will be okay because it won't. There's a desperate calling of the Almighty God to this nation, to its people and to You! It's a calling to repentance! That means you realize you're making everyday choices that go against what Jesus left in his word. We are loving the world and becoming more like it everyday. We love the very things God hates, we pursue pointless passions and forget the laws of God!! How can we say we love Him? God doesn't want a "like" He wants your entire life, but when reality hits, most will turn away. Some people will never change and others will when it's too late. Wake up nation! Wake up !!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Battling same sex attraction

Fist of all let me share with you the fact and truth that you're not alone in this struggle. Even when your desires and or actions can be secret to many, they're never hidden from the Lord. Let me continue by assuring you with the bible truth that Jesus Christ loves you fully and unconditionally. Your sin is no worse nor different than mine or those of others. Though you might not see how right now but the truth is you have a great blessing in being different. What I mean is you can see God at a perspective that many will never understand. Having said that we must understand that love does not justify sin under any circumstance. Just as any other sinful inclination , desire or passion we must submit it under Gods laws.  My desire should never over power that of Gods commandments. Unfortunately we are sinners and sold to sin. It will be a battle thru our lives and thru the years here in earth, but if God is your anchor, your rock and your foundation, if you have given Him your heart, he will equip you and strengthen you. Don't beat yourself up, don't let anyone's judgement affect you. Know in Jesus there is no condemnation  but forgiveness not so we will dwell on sin, but rather so we may humbly acknowledge Him as holy, pure and sinless. So we may humbly seek Him and humble ourselves before Him. Stop fighting, stop hating yourself. You're of much value to God. In Jesus you can find victory, purity and forgiveness . The pleasure this world offers, the emotions that you can fulfill will never compare with the true joy and peace that come when you give your burdens to Jesus, when you deny yourself and begin to follow Him. Many are the afflictions but God will be with you thru every single one. I encourage you to seek God in prayer and in His word. Look for a friend who can mentor you. Know that there's always a new beginning for those who have faith. Giving in to our sins will always bring misery, destruction and pain. Jesus loves you!! No matter what!! He loved me, a sinner saved by grace. He can give you a different life today!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On Death

I'm writing this paragraph as I sit by my fathers bed in a hospital. He has been very ill for almost two years. A few days ago he had a feeding tube placed on his stomach. This illness has been killing him slowly. Even thru the pain and discomfort there has been moments when a glimpse of his old self comes back, thru a smile, a movement, or a laughter even. As I reflect on the life we have here and the fragility of our bodies and our very existence. I cannot fully grasp the meaning of life, the reality of death and the fact that nothing lasts forever. So many of us are wasting away in pleasures and accomplishments that have no eternal value. One day each of us will face a death bed, a burial , a grave yard. No riches, no beauty or talent will matter there. Life will end and death will knock at your very door. A day of judgement will come for all of us. When will we realize nothing will matter then?
What will you say to the One who formed you and gave you life and every ability to enjoy it? What will you say to the One who gave his life to pay for your every sin and error? The God who can count every strand of hair , every leaf that falls on every winter. He who knows your every thought and every word before you speak it? What will you offer to repay? Will you repent then? Will you cry tears for forgiveness then? Will you believe then? Will your pretense buy you grace ? Will your empty words mean anything? But what about those wasted years? The indifference and hardened heart? An account will be required, a price will be demanded. A price that was payed long ago in a wooden cross. Filled with blood, the Son of God was torn to pieces for your sake. Jesus Christ calls you today! For in the grave there is no hope, for in death there is no will. The same spirit that moved creation, the same voice that cried out in the desert speaks to your heart today! Repent! Repent! Turn away from your sins, believe in Jesus! Turn from your wicked ways and receive the blood that cleanses. Drink the water of life and you shall never be thirsty again. The clock is ticking , the days are fading, don't over look it and don't forget it. Your life will be over. The chance is now! The day today! Doubt no more and don't waste more time. I plead with you and even now Repent! Receive His grace! Call out to Him!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Women want men to value them and respect them, but how can men do it if women don't respect themselves? They give their hearts and bodies to the first loser with a cute smile. They advertise their figures as a public display of sensuality that only brings them heartache. Don't expect him to care much about something he won so easily.


I've come to realize that fashion for girls and women is being designed with one purpose in mind and that is to show as much skin as possible while drawing as much attention to shape and form, it does not surprise me for society itself has been exploiting women and their bodies thru media and philosophy. The devaluation of women has had a devastating impact in our culture, home and even within the Christian realm. Sadly young girls are choosing fashion over dignity. They've forgotten their bodies have value, theyre treasures to keep safe. Like a precious keepsake behind a protected glass , we must protect our body and honor it in the way we dress.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Jealousy vs. Humility

Hello ,
Today I have been reading about jealousy. Another name for jealousy would be envy, one of the seven sins of the heart. Can I ask you what makes you jealous of others? Often you will find that those things that make us jealous, or trigger jealousy are the very description of who we are. We might be surprised to the results we find. An example would be someone who is materialistic, who has an ambition for riches and material possessions would be jealous of those who prosper in that very area. Same thing would be for physical appearance and the obsession with ones self, it would trigger a jealousy or envy of those who have beauty and great physical appearance . The next time you're jealous of someone, examine your motives and your heart, it might just reflect someone who's full of self and absorbed with pride. The route to take when faced with jealousy is not an easy one, but very effective and it is humility. Admit to yourself that someone or as the bible says, esteem everyone as better than yourself. That doesn't match with what the world teaches and beliefs, yet Christ humbled himself entirely and took the form of human and gave his life in a horrific and humiliating death. Humility is the answer to dealing with bitter jealousy and envy. When you remove the focus off yourself and on to The Lord Jesus Christ. Seek to serve others, run from jealousy, pray for those who cause you to envy. Be humble and accept where you stand. Love those who have what you could never achieve. Be more like Christ who was meek and humble. Enjoy your weekend! Remember when the monster of jealousy creeps in, it's a good time to test yourself, to return to the path of humility and be thankful in all you have.

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The very core of this blog has one purpose and one purpose alone, to bring women of all ages, races, backgrounds and walks of life ever closer to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. God loves every little girl, every hurting woman, every daughter and sister, He values you! He treasures you! He has a plan and a purpose for your life. Let us encourage each other and bring glory to the Almighty thru serving one another and praying for our sisters all around the globe. God bless you dear one. Know that nothing outside of Jesus can ever satisfy you. May God use this little corner of the world to bless your heart.