Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.

Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.
Strength & Honor

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abortion song

A song of Death
Sing rivers of blood and cold instruments of hate. Play your favorite song and sing it with the voice of your adversary. The voice of your first love and the voice of your murderer. Play the instruments with what's left of your little fingers and bloody hands. Sing the pain you've experienced in silence and in darkness . Sing and cry out , rise up and sing to the world . But how will you sing ? How will you open your trembling mouth? How could you begin to tell your story in the tomb , in shattered pieces and ashes? What a sorrow and oh! the horror of it all. By the thousands you're gone. In the darkest of places, in secret your short life has ended. Your song erased and your cry forgotten. If you could speak , would we stop to listen? Little voices of unseen souls. My beloved little ones. Despised of this world and hated by your own. Unborn child, who is no more, arise and sing all as one. Sing your last song all you who no longer exist. Forgotten and afflicted ones, little people and memories left behind. Tell this world of all your pain, your dreams of love and desires for an embrace. They will never come to be, they will never be a chance and never a choice. Sing little ones, broken in pieces, bloody and burned, arise as you are, let the world see the horror of it all. Sing the song of death, sing it all out loud, thru the world and thru the air send whispers of your pain. Hide no more in secret, display our shame for once. In your scars and pieces is found truth. I sat in the ground, I fell to my knees oh! My  Lord and my God! What have we done? We've murdered by the millions and sacrificed our own . Our sons! Our daughters! My God ! Please hear our voice and awaken us before the horrors find us.  The day is dark and the light no more. We stumble in the bones and flesh of those who died, we bath in blood and eat with guilty hands. We have bore the death of many. Oh! Nations awake! The graveyards are full and the crimes too many. Voice sing once more for your creator He will embrace you ever so gently, he will dry your tears and mend your little bodies. There's a new song of hope for you. The Father is awaiting , he has prepared a home for you. There will no fire burn or instrument destroy. No one can take away what now is yours. The promise is for you, Gods love will comfort you.  Sing a song of death not for yourselves but those who live, for though we breath we are more dead than you. We feel nothing and see no pain. We are buried in our sins and lost in our shame. Sing and mourn for those of us who live may we repent before death finds us too. 

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