Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.

Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.
Strength & Honor

Friday, November 22, 2013

She is not my enemy

Hello Ladies
It's sure a beautiful Friday morning, it's windy and cloudy. The kind of weather I love whenever I'm writing. However I know many times days like this may seem too grey to enjoy but we must learn to look at the beauty of all things God puts in our paths. I wanted to talk about a subject this morning that occurs very often in women and ladies everywhere . When even being christian doesn't mean this wont happen to you. That unpleasant feeling when she walks into the room . When you hear her name or she simply just gets in your way. I'm talking about the lady in church or at work or maybe at school. The one you simply don't like. If you're like me you might have even thought of reasons why you don't get along and why it's okay to avoid her. The reality however is much deeper than that. Like any delicious fruit must come from a tree, must have a root somewhere. The same is our feeling of rejection towards specific groups, individuals or sisters in Christ. We must examine our hearts, often we will find that when we dislike someone the root of the problem is not her, but our evil heart. The bible tells us that out of the heart comes all evil things. Could it be that we are fooling ourselves into believing that she's gotta change and not me? The heart of a godly woman must identify the enemy and then take it captive under the obedience and rule of Jesus. So we realize that we have an enemy, an evil heart who takes our most godly intentions and turns them into pride, who finds the faults and imperfections in others but never seems to mind it's own. How is it then that when it comes to loving others we trust it so much? We must love even when our heart doesn't feel like it. Many women find themselves struggling to accept someone else simply because their heart is blinded with sins such as jealousy, envy, bitterness, insecurity and guilt. We must return and repent. Lets begin to identify our enemy and fight the battle in much prayer. Pray not that God changes her, but that he may change me. We must love our sisters, we must pray for them and serve them humbly. Remember Jesus died for her just as He did for you. He loves her, He has plans for her life. Could it be that maybe God wants to use you to bless her life? Remember the story of Jonah when God asked him to go preach to the people he considered his enemies. Jonah disobeyed God and ran from His presence yet God gave him a second chance and showed mercy to him. Can we receive the same mercy and accept the second chance God is giving to us today? We might be the instrument God wants to use to win the souls of those very people we dislike. My sister let us seek The Lord that He might change us within so we can reflect His love and compassion to others.

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