Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.

Strength and honor are her clothing and she laughs at what is to come.
Strength & Honor

Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Signs He really likes you

As women many times we find ourselves attracted to a guy and wonder if he feels the same about us. Today we will look at 5 signs he really likes you and the reasons why you might not like him after all .

1. He loves to flirt.                                        
 Although when a guy likes you he will turn a little flirty, some men just flirt with any attractive woman they meet or any woman for that matter. The truth is men generally enjoy flirtatious conversations and will usually engage in one as long as the woman goes along with it. I say most men but there is some exceptions. While most men will flirt given the chance there is those few who have set boundaries and are not willing to compromise. This is something to keep in mind. Take a look and keep your eyes open, is he usually funny and flirty with other women? Is that something you want in a man? Does he seem the kind of guy that could set boundaries for himself and be loyal to just one woman? Who knows you might just be one more in the list and it could be that what you are perceiving as possible attraction could just be him playing his cards.

2. Small talk.                                                  
Does he often ignore what you say and turn the conversation to something of his liking or something about him? It could be the weather or traffic but when a guy is not interested in deeper conversation he just might not be interested in you. You see when a guy really likes a girl he will wanna know everything about her. Even when he can't understand or relate to a certain subject he will be interested simply because you are and that means a lot to him. When a man really likes you he will also listen. He enjoys you're company and the conversation does not have to be entertaining, your company is enough for him and your conversation will always be welcome no matter the subject. If all he is looking for is a fling or FWB type of relationship, listening won't really be on his agenda.                                    

3. He will respect you.                                
One quick way to know if a man is really interested in you or if you're only a piece of flesh for his lunch, is in the level of respect he gives you. Men tend to respect the women they care about. You see when men really want a woman for keeps they will go above and beyond to impress her, to make her happy and comfortable. If a man really likes you for you, he won't push anything physical and will not even seem interested in that. Although men are naturally attracted sexually, they will abstain from it when they're truly interested in a deeper relationship with you. Men that are looking for a real relationship will show respect to the one woman they're pursuing. If anything some men can actually lose interest if the relationship gets too physical too soon. Real men will respect the woman they're pursuing and all women in general. Ask yourself if the guy you're into shows respect for women or does he objectify them for his own benefit? Again is this the kind of man you want as a partner?  

 4.He will work for it.                                
 When a man is interested he will do the effort. Effort to show you he cares. Effort to be around you even when his friends where going elsewhere . A man that has a thing for you will not hesitate to go out of his way for you. There will be no confusion. If a man want something for real he will make it obvious. He won't send mixed signals or play games with you. So if a guy you like is unavailable or too busy for you, chances are his not interested. Yes it could also be that he is shy or not very social but trust me when a real man is interested he will go the extra mile to win your heart. Yet if you're the one calling, you're the one texting and you're the one who is making the efforts, it might be time to come to terms with reality that either this guy is not into you or he is not mature enough to know what he wants nor pursue it , either way not something that is to your best interest.

5.It's not a secret                                        
Men are great at keeping their feelings inside but when a woman steals their heart they just can't stop talking about her. They talk about you with everyone and anyone. You won't be their "secret" friend (unless they've got something to hide) . They won't just be cyber friends or message you in the middle of the night but ignore you in public. A guy that's into you will welcome you into his group of friends, will tag you in social media and will introduce you to his family. He is into you and he is not afraid to show it. If he texts you but won't talk to you out in the open then there's a problem. If he is afraid that others will find out about you, chances are he has someone else to impress. Beware of men who want you as their text buddy but can't commit to a relationship. Don't let yourself become someone else's second option or plan B. When the right guy comes along you will be at the top of his list and you will be the only one on the list. He will wanna show you off to his family and friends. He won't be afraid of other prospects finding out he is into you because truth is he is.                                        

Well ladies, there you go. Make your conclusions and decide if this guy is really worth your time after all. If you believe in God and you're seeking a partner for life then I encourage you to let God do the work. Remember the story of Isaac and Rebecca. Abraham sent his servant to go find a wife for Isaac. The servant prayed to God for guidance and he had certain things he was looking for in the maiden that he wanted for Isaac. God answered him and he lead him to Rebecca. The word of God tells us that Isaac loved Rebecca and they where married. What a beautiful story of Gods providence. If you let God go and seek you a husband a partner, God will do it. God knows your heart and your desires. If you trust him and you leave the looking to him , God will bring the right man into your life at the right time. In the meantime you must keep your eyes on Jesus. Stay away from the lure of this world. A cute face can be a trap from Satan. So many women have fallen into this trap and my prayer is you will run now that you can before it's too late. Remember God will keep his promises to those who seek him.

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